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So Fun Functional Mocktail Recipes for Summer

Memorial Day weekend is around the corner kicking off a season of backyard barbecues, long, lazy picnics in the park, and endless poolside cookouts. If you’re in the early stages of menu planning for the summer season, in addition to the kabobs, pasta and potato salads, hot dogs and hamburgers, consider including a few non-alcoholic cocktails to your bar cart.

Also known as functional mocktails, these booze-free mixed drinks offer all the fun and flavor of traditional cocktails, but are lower i

Igniting Your Curiosity: Cultivate a Sense of Wonder

Once the dinner table was cleared and the coffee served, on occasion my aunt would ask me to remind her what were my plans after graduation. “Ah, New York.” It was exactly the opening she needed. “To be young and in New York! Did I ever tell you about the time when I just had the worst day of my life!” Of course she had. It was her favorite story to tell and one of my favorites, too. The way it goes, it was a sticky summer in the city in the 1980s. She had been dumped the night before and fired

Top Sleep Trends for 2023 and Beyond

We know the stat well: we spend around a third of our lives asleep. But are you aware that we also spend one-third of our lives obsessing about how to get a good night’s sleep? That second stat is definitely not true, but it feels like it could be true. We spend a lot of time, energy, and money seeking out the latest holy grail of a great night’s sleep, but which advice is gold, and which trends runneth dry? In our previous greetings, earthling post, we shared our favorite sleep tips from the pa

A Practical Guide to Lymphatic Drainage

Does it seem like the lymphatic system is having a renaissance lately? As more and more people rediscover the age-old practice of lymphatic drainage massage, the physical and health benefits are being shared far and wide.

“I’ve definitely seen results that I’m really happy with,” said one devotee of her new at-home routine, and Vogue called it a “body sculpting massage” that’s “fashion’s best-kept fitness secret.”

“My skin is glowing and I feel lighter – the results speak for themselves…” (Vog

I Stopped Drinking for 30 Days & Here's What Happened

One look at the news on any given day will drive anyone to drink. That’s a common refrain that encapsulates both the state of the world and how we as a country tend to wash away our grievances with a cold one. Such a bummer, then, when a recent headline dropped that had me side-eyeing a sweating bottle of prosecco I’d just cracked open for my end-of-the-day wine-down: It's time to put cancer warning labels on alcohol, experts say () For a while before then, I’d toyed with the idea of cutting bac

3 Essential Ways to Keep Warm While WFH-ing

A heated blanket is a great option for those who want to stay cozy and warm. These come in a variety of sizes including a smaller throw size, great for spreading across laps while at your desk. Opt for a larger twin or full-size if you’re looking to wrap yourself up into a human burrito. Dry air can make a room feel colder, so consider adding a small humidifier to your workspace area to help keep the air moist and comfortable. Portable or mini humidifiers have a super small footprint, perfect fo

Enjoy a Hobby without the Hustle

I was gobsmacked, still am gobsmacked at the way she could manipulate silk floss, creating movement and kinetic energy on a throw pillow or tufted footstool. She was known throughout the family, the neighborhood, and gated community as a virtuoso with thread. With a talent and reputation like that, I sometimes wonder, had she been born 50 years later, would Grams have launched an Etsy store? She could’ve made thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars doing needlepoint commissions. Of course

Reimagine Your Resolutions for a Better New Year

With a new year just around the corner, it’s a great time to get serious about any goals that you absolutely must achieve this year…or else. It's been another banner year for burnout, with almost half of Americans feeling the effects. The winter weather has been brutal and there's still more to come. Mustering the motivation for New Year's resolutions after two months of holiday cheer – swapping out cozy mulled wine for a not-so-appealing kale smoothie – seems like a recipe for failure. How can

Get the Glass Skin Glow in 7 Easy Steps

Not going to lie, the most crucial ingredient to getting that glass skin look is consistency. Follow these seven steps, and in just a few days, you’ll see an improvement to the overall appearance and health of your skin.

The first step in any skincare routine is to cleanse your skin to remove dirt, excess oil, and makeup. Whether you prefer the double-cleanse technique or a simple cleansing wipe, choose one suitable for your skin type and use lukewarm water if you need to rinse off. Be sure to

Sleep Tourism is the Newest Trend in Travel

It’s the opposite of a color-coded itinerary with hours-long sightseeing scheduled down to the minute. Indeed, sleep tourism is for the very weary, for folks who dream of dreaming, who salivate over thoughts of crisp, cool sheets, blackout curtains, and 8+ hours with absolutely nothing on the agenda.

Chuck the guidebook and pass the pillow menu, please.

The last few years have been exhausting. The stress of an on-going pandemic, the uncertainty of a safe future for our kids, and the generalize

Breast Cancer Awareness: How to Perform a Self-Exam

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – a great reminder that a self-examination routine and scheduling exams with your doctor are crucial first steps in the fight against breast cancer.

It’s wild to think we’re coming up on three years since COVID-19 shut down the world. Back then, our entire focus was fighting the wolf at the door, protecting ourselves and our families from the immediate threat of a viral plague. Medical services, severely strained, were reserved for emergency and

Healthy Habits for Teens: A Parent's Guide to Sustainable Habits

The kids might not be alright, but we can do something about it.

In a recent report, the CDC found that more than “1 in 3 high school students had experienced persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness in 2019, a 40 percent increase since 2009.”

As we enter the third back-to-school season during an ongoing pandemic, we need to help our kids (and ourselves) manage mental health.

The New York Times published an excellent checklist for college students. The practical advice includes useful t

Fly a Friendlier Sky: Insider Tips from a Flight Attendant

We’ve all seen the wall-to-wall videos and Twitter threads of passenger meltdowns, miles-long security lines, lost luggage, congested terminals, and the constant cancellations. The whole Mad Max scenario of flying feels very “I’m gonna need a vacation from my vacation.”

This summer, air travel is a scoach more chaotic, frustrating, and stressful than in previous years. But believe it or not, with a little insight and preparation, it’s possible to have a pleasant flying experience.

To get the i

Netflix & Knit: the Granny Era

Maybe it’s the years of pandemic burnout or the looming threat of another viral outbreak that has got young people eschewing night clubs in favor of book clubs.

And who can blame them – it’s scary out there! With climbing inflation, highly contagious diseases running amok, and escalating tempers in general, the safe bet seems to hunker down at home and mentally, physically, and emotionally reset.

This great reset is causing a lot of people to reconsider how we spend our time, arguably our most

Expert Advice from a Therapist: Starting a Mental Health Journey

There’s a special kind of frustration that happens when you decide to start your mental health journey: finding the right therapist for you.

Unfortunately, therapists are not a plentiful commodity, available in a variety of custom flavors at your local grocer’s. Finding the right therapist to work with is some kind of alchemy meets dumb luck meets divine timing.

This elusive therapy unicorn is someone who:
• None specializes in your needs
• None you like and feel comfortable around

You’d have

Mastering the Art of Accepting Compliments

Remember when I started this post by saying, “you’re great?” Did you immediately doubt it? If so, why?

Perhaps because I am a stranger to you, you doubt my sincerity, and that’s fair. I’m evaluating an anonymous you based on a single criterion: the fact that you opted to click and read this post. Because of that single action, I’ve ascribed to you trait(s) I admire and wanted you to know.

Conversely, because we’re strangers and I have nothing to gain with false platitudes, couldn’t that mean m

Overcome Analysis Paralysis: Tips for Confident Decision Making

Does the question “what’s for dinner” strike fear in your heart? Hearing “I don’t care, just pick a place” cause a full-body shiver? These very banal questions that make up daily conversations in households across the country are quick and easy, right? Not so fast.

While we tend to emphasize those big moments, the life and death decisions that weigh heavily with the import of their outcomes, it’s actually the everyday choices of what to wear, what to eat, what to watch, which socks to buy, and